What Do I Need for a New Puppy?

You’ve got a heart full of love to give and a place in your bed that needs to be filled by a big fluffy cuddler — that’s what matters most. But there are a few other essentials you need before you bring home your fur-ever bundle of bliss. In today’s blog, we’re answering the essential question of, “What do I need for a new puppy?”

At Keystone Puppies, we’re a puppy adoption agency that pairs happy and healthy dogs with families all over the country. In addition to having the cutest dogs (of almost every breed), we also provide first time puppy parents with the need-to-know info to make your puppy adoption as pleasant as possible for both you and your new best friend. Read on to learn exactly what you need for a new puppy – and what you can expect when you bring them home.

7 New Puppy Essentials

Food/Treats – When you’re wondering, “What do I need for a new puppy?” think about what you’d want after a long trip – snacks, of course! Making sure you have both a healthy meal and some great treats before your pup comes home is 100% essential.

Bowls – Speaking of those snacks, you’re going to want make sure they have somewhere to eat from, too. So, having at least 2 durable, high-quality bowls is another new puppy essential.

A Spacious Crate to Call Home – Everything is going to feel really like a brave new world for your newest family member. To ensure they are as safe and comfortable as possible, give them a space to call their own. We recommend having a spacious and comfortable crate on hand by the time they arrive to serve as their personal home base.

A Doggy Bed — And how do you outfit their new pad? With a bed fit for a king (or queen)! Getting the right-size doggy bed ahead of schedule means that their first night under your roof will be full of the cozy comfort that they deserve. Shopping for their first doggy bed is easy — but you may have to upgrade as they get bigger!

A Leash and Collar — You’re going to remember your first walk together around the neighborhood for a long, long time. Having a good leash and collar you are comfortable using is key. This is another one of the puppy essentials you want before your fluffy friend moves in.

Chew Toys — Chew toys play an important role in the life of a growing pup. Firstly, chomping on a chew toy is a natural way for dogs to soothe any mild anxiety that they might be feeling from the big move. But dogs also just love to chew stuff — and you want to give them everything they love (while also saving your furniture and shoes from their tiny mouths).

Puppy Pads — While puppy pads might not be the most exciting new piece of puppy swag on our list, they are crucial to have on hand before your new friend comes home. While potty training should be pretty easy, there’s no harm in having these backups on hand for the first few weeks.

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