6 months old Australian shepherd

6 months old Australian shepherd

6 months old Australian shepherd, Introducing the star of the show, Sam! His movie star looks are top notch. From his shiny, soft fur to his dream puppy eyes, this boy is unmatched. Your friends and family will be begging to be a part of your entourage. Not only is he quite the looker, but he has been seen by his vet and is up to date on his vaccinations, so he is ready to go! Don’t keep this star waiting. He is ready to walk down the red carpet and right into your home.

6 months old Australian shepherd Profile

The Australian Shepherd is intelligent, very alert and eager, with strong herding and guarding instincts. He is good natured, never shy, fearful or aggressive toward people or animals, and is very loyal to his family. A wonderful companion, he is easy to train and always eager to please.

Aussies are high energy, very versatile dogs who enjoy having a job to do. The Australian Shepherd was bred to herd livestock and work as an all purpose farm/ranch dog. Today, however, while they still work as stockdogs, they are also seen working as Guide Dogs, Service Dogs, Therapy Dogs, Police and Narcotics Dogs, as well as Search and Rescue Dogs. In addition, they excel in all types of dog sports and activities, including Agility, Flyball and Obedience.

In physical appearance, the Australian Shepherd is a well-balanced, medium size dog, slightly longer than tall. Males appear masculine while females appear feminine without being slight of bone.

The Aussie’s coat colour is either blue merle, solid black, red (liver) merle, or solid red (liver) — all with or without white markings and/or copper points. The outer coat is straight to slightly wavy, of moderate length and weather resistant. The undercoat is soft and dense but varies with climate. The Australian Shepherd’s eyes are very expressive and may be brown, blue, amber, or any variation or combination of these and may also include flecks and marbling. A distinctive characteristic of the breed is his natural or docked bob tail.

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